Clashing Disciplines in Healthcare with Richard Goossens

In this podcast episode of Out of the Blue professor Richard Goossens gives answer to the question: What if doctors understood design for healthcare, and designers the healthcare world?

A design researcher and a doctor sit together for a coffee in a hospital café. They discuss and draw on a napkin what a joined education programme for designers and medical students could look like. What if doctors understood design for healthcare, and designers the healthcare world?

25+ years later and the Medisign MSc track at Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft is still going strong. We are excited to catch up with its co-founder Richard Goossens, Professor of Physical Ergonomics, for a conversation on biomechanical engineering, design research for healthcare, how serendipity shapes many wonderfully clashing collaborations and digital twins vs. digital doppelgängers. And much, much more. Enjoy!

References in this episode:
ReLive App
Wingspan boardgame
George Lakoff & Rafael Núñez – Where Mathematics Comes From
George Lakoff – Is Mathematics Invented or Discovered (Youtube)

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