The consultation of the future

Hanneke van der Velden

Hanneke proposes a tool to improve communication between patients and specialists in the digital world of 2030.

The current healthcare system does not meet the needs of patients in the on-demand society we live in. The Erasmus MC aims to improve the patient experience by providing more personalised care. However, there are many barriers to this, such as a lack of knowledge about a disease and a lack of personalisation in the consultation. This project aims to explore the consultation experience in the future context of 2030.

This project will define the current barriers to a positive patient experience, before, during and after the consultation, through an extensive literature and user study. This is followed by an exploration of the future context of 2030 and an interaction vision for 2030 based on the analysis and Hanneke’s personal values and beliefs. The proposed concept is a patient portal that aims to improve communication between patients and specialists. The portal consists of three elements: a knowledge base, a data tracking system and a consultation preparation tool. The knowledge base provides patients with personalised information about their condition, the data tracking system tracks the patient’s data to provide more personalised care, and the consultation preparation tool prepares the consultation to start the conversation on the right foot.

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