QAED: the future of AED training

Anna Gębala

Anna designed the QAED Trainer, a physical device that allows users to practice AED use, and the QAED Classroom app that collects and analyses data to provide feedback to the instructor.

The project addresses that AED training is currently ineffective in preparing people to use the devices in a real life situation. There is a lack of feedback and assessment tools which makes it difficult for instructors to track student progress and provide constructive feedback. The concept aims to provide a simple and accessible overview of the student’s performance so the instructor will be less stressed to control everyone but also provide more time to give feedback.

The project started with research to understand the needs of AED training, both from the perspective of the participants and the instructors. A field trip was conducted to observe current methods and needs. Based on this research, a concept for future AED training was created, consisting of a physical device and an accompanying app.

The concept of future AED consists of two elements: the physical QAED Trainer and QAED Classroom app and can be integrated with the Laerdal’s QCPR products. The AED training device not only provides the conditions for practice but also collects participants performance. The QAED Classroom app analyses the data and provides an instructor with the reliable information which student should be addressed and suggestion what feedback to provide.

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