MYO: measure atrial fibrillation discreetly

Filippo Petrocchi

Filippo developed a discreet device to monitor atrial fibrillation among elderly people to improve their care.

Atrial fibrillation is a condition in which the heart beats irregularly, which can lead to a number of health complications over time. The problem this project sought to address was the lack of a discreet device to monitor AF in the elderly. The project aimed to develop a new product-system device for healthcare institutions and private patients that would be easy for the elderly to use and would not require much interaction from the user.

The process of this project was to first research and analyse the current state of Holter monitors and their use. This was done through interviews with healthcare professionals and patients, as well as a literature review. Filippo used the people, business and technology framework to develop guidelines for concept development. He then brainstormed possible concepts for a new Holter monitoring device.

The new product system consists of three elements: the wearable device, the docking station and the smartphone app. The wearable device is a light and compact biosensor that collects the patient’s ECG and transmits it to the server cloud via smartphone. The app helps the user to set up the device and monitor the patient’s ECG in real time. Data is only accessible to the patient and can only be shared with the patient’s permission.

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