Balloon Journey towards future-self

Karen Gonzalez Fernandez

Karen designed a new concept for a fitness tracker service, including a mobile application and a smartwatch app.

The aim of this project is to address the issue that existing fitness tracker services focus solely on fitness and optimising the human body, neglecting the user’s overall health and well-being. This creates a disconnect between the user and the tracker, leading to frustration and lack of motivation.

To address this issue, Karen began the project with a literature review to understand how technology affects user well-being and the design of fitness tracker services. She then conducted a user study with 8 participants to explore the meaning of health and the personality of fitness tracker services.

Based on the findings, Karen designed a new concept for the fitness tracker service that provides more personal and meaningful experiences. These experiences will enhance the user’s well-being and lead to greater engagement. The project investigates the personality traits of fitness trackers and their impact on user interaction. It also explores the meaning and value of health to individuals.

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