3D Headscanner for Personalised Care

Yaman Gupta

Yaman designed a 3D head scanner for children with Down’s Syndrome to facilitate the creation of ultra-personalised glasses.

Down syndrome is a set of physical, mental and functional conditions characterised by an instantly recognisable craniofacial structure. Maat! works with customers with Down syndrome and other such conditions to design spectacles for them. Their expertise lies in designing for each individual customer’s unique head shape and optical needs by scanning them and obtaining head meshes to design on. However, it has been observed that some clients are unable to cooperate during the scanning sessions, which invalidates the scans and therefore the products don’t fit, resulting in a lower quality of life.

This project began with an interview with the client to better understand their needs and expectations. This was followed by shadowing the client on a number of customer visits to observe the typical scanning process, customer behaviour and interaction. Based on these observations, a deeper under- standing of the behaviour of a child customer was developed, which served as the basis for developing concept ideas for the product.

The 3D Head Scanner is a stand-alone scanner that addresses this issue by us- ing a multi-camera system and a differ- ent approach to head scanning. Using stereophotogrammetry and a 3-camera system to capture different areas of the head simultaneously, the head scanner is designed to scan in less than a second, thereby avoiding distractions and optimises the operator’s workflow by capturing accurate scans in a single session.

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