We collaborate with companies, institutions and NGOs to design a healthier future together.

We collaborate closely with companies, institutions, governments and NGOs, leveraging over 25 years of partnerships to develop design methodologies and tools for effective healthcare solutions. Partnering with Medisign means joining a collaborative network driving innovation, learning leading design methods, gaining new perspectives, and meeting researchers and future designers Рall committed to materialising a healthier society. Companies can provide case studies for student group projects, offer internships or thesis assignments, participate in our Delft Design Labs, or work together with our leading IDE researchers. We are always looking for partners to drive change in the healthcare system. Contact us at Medisign-IDE@tudelft.nl to explore how you can be part of this mission.

What we can do together

The options below are just a starting point, we encourage you to contact us at medisign-ide@tudelft.nl to discuss how we can tailor a collaboration that perfectly suits your organisation’s needs and aspirations.

Provide a real-world project or case for our courses. Groups of students will tackle these challenges by applying their design skills to develop solutions and insights, guided by a coach or mentor.

Offering an internship brings a Medisign student into your organisation to work on real projects and contribute to ongoing initiatives. The student will be guided by a mentor from TU Delft.

By initiating a thesis project, your organisation can present a Medisign student with a complex, business-specific challenge or opportunity that requires in-depth study and advanced design thinking. The student will be guided by two experienced academic mentors from TU Delft.

Join one of our Delft Design Labs, such as the Critical Alarms Lab, which explores the future of alarms and soundscapes in hospitals, or the Cardio Lab, which explores smart technologies to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease. Our labs bring together researchers, students and various partners around a specific focus.

Work with our leading IDE researchers and delve deeper into complex issues and the role of design over a longer period of time, contributing to your organisation, society and the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft.

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