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Xueliang Li's PhD explored how wearable technology can identify stress triggers, from pressing deadlines to specific locations, especially in individuals with high stress or PTSD.

Handling stress: using wearable technology to help people with PTSD

All athletes, from amateurs joggers to elite footballers, experience sports injuries. What if medical professionals could predict when those injuries were going to occur and stop the damaging activity before the injury happens? In her PhD research, Annemarijn Steijlen takes a step in that direction.

Using sensors to stop sports injuries

Professor Judith Rietjens goes into a conversation about her line of work as researcher and her double position at IDE and Erasmus Medical Centre.

Interview with Judith Rietjens: “We need to cherish the conversation again”

Think about the last time you opened a jar, wrote with a pen, or simply tied your shoelaces. These seemingly simple actions rely heavily on the remarkable flexibility and strength of our thumbs. Helen Yuan's PhD research on thumb joint mechanics aims to improve treatments for patients experiencing pain and limited mobility due to osteoarthritis.

Improving implants for a tiny joint with a big impact

IDE Researcher Valentijn Visch designs solutions to motivate people to pay attention to their health. For this, he uses techniques such as game design and interactive storytelling.

Becoming healthier through smart game design

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